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Bella & Jason's Story

February 8th marks 105 days since Bella has been in her home with her husband, Jason, and their dogs. They never imagined their pregnancy journey would take them through a cancer scare and a months long stay at Valour Place. Eight weeks into her pregnancy Bella was experiencing nonstop bleeding and had been in and out of hospital. Her OBGYN doctor, in Wainwright, noticed a mass near her uterus, which was causing the cervix to dilate! On October 26th and 18 weeks pregnant, Bella and Jason found themselves at the specialist office, in Edmonton, for what everyone believed was a routine removal of the mass. The doctor had never seen a polyp that large, the size of a tennis ball. He told the couple it could be cancer and sent it to be tested and sent them to the hospital to await results and next steps, which included stitching her cervix to keep the baby in.

Exhausted and told he could not stay at the hospital after visiting hours, Jason called Valour Place. As a military Police Officer Jason heard about our home from colleagues. After a few days, they were relieved to hear the polyp was not cancer but the pregnancy was now considered high risk and they would need to stay in Edmonton until their due date at the end of March. Bella was ordered to bed rest. Valour Place really became their home away from home. Bella's mother arrived from Toronto to help which allowed Jason to return to work. Over the last few months, He has travel back and forth on days off.

Jason's favorite holiday is Christmas and being away from home was made easier for him, at Valour Place, with all the decorations and donated turkey and fixing for him to prepare for his family and other houseguests, "The staff here are so accommodating and resourceful. They will find the solution no matter what is asked." said Bella. The comforts of home are available to all guests. "Being here instead of a hotel makes it less lonely. You can talk with others. Everyone here has a story that keeps us connected." says Bella.

Valour Place kept this family together and Bella comfortable enough that their baby is considered full term size and definitely strong. Now only a month away, they look forward to a healthy arrival of their baby boy. "I will tell every army person I know about Valour Place. Even if you don't need it but at least you know its there." shared Bella. We thank them for sharing their story and look forward to meeting their baby boy soon but not too soon.


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