A Special Place for the Becks

It's a very special place': family gives thanks to Valour Place

'When you're dealing with something like this, you're paralyzed with fear'

By Wallis Snowdon, CBC News Posted: Sep 05, 2016 12:28 PM MT Last Updated: Sep 05, 2016 1:56 PM MT

Steve Beck was anxiously watching the headlights on the highway when his heart stopped.

His wife had gone into labour at just 24 weeks and was sent to Edmonton on a medevac flight.

Beck was making the long 12-hour drive from Hay River to be at her bedside when the heart palpitations began.

After months in hospital, Blayne and his parents have finally returned home to Hay River. (Valour Place )

The stress and lack of sleep had forced his magnesium levels to plummet dangerously low, bringing the thud, thud, thud of his pounding heartbeat to a sudden stop.

"I was told things were not good," Beck said during an interview with CBC Edmonton's Radio Active.

"We were told that we were going to be having a baby very soon, it was not a good thing, and that if the baby stood any chance of survival he needed to head out to Edmonton."

The following weeks were a blur as the couple cared for their fragile new son.

Without Valour Place Military Family Support House in Edmonton to provide them a safe haven, Beck — an RCMP special constable — said the following weeks and months would have been a horrible ordeal for the young family.

Now the Becks are giving back, helping to promote Valour Place by sharing their story at the organization's